Good Things Come in Threes: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium

Many good things come in threes–like fast food: would you like small, medium or large?

Other times, we choose between three different flavors, colors, or levels of amenity. That “good, better, best” concept applies to SOLIDWORKS CAD, which is offered in Standard, Professional, and Premium configurations. But this can be confusing. What’s in each package? Which one do I have? Are there tools I could be using to do my job better?

An easy way to think of it is SOLIDWORKS Standard is built on core capabilities for the casual user. SOLIDWORKS Professional builds upon that with productivity boosters for the everyday user, while SOLIDWORKS Premium adds specialty tools for the power user.

Watch this short video showing the highlights of each package. Chances are you’ll learn something you didn’t know was in the software and perhaps find one or more new tools to help you do your job better.

Good things come in 3’s: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium. If you already own SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium, why not try one new add-in on your next project? If you are a SOLIDWORKS Standard user but would like to experiment with Premium or Professional add-ins, you can try them out by requesting a SOLIDWORKS online trial. Just click here  to get started running SOLIDWORKS Premium right in your browser with no software to install!

Brad Williamson is a Senior Industry Process Consultant with Dassault Systemes who has been helping customers learn, use and succeed with SOLIDWORKS since 1996. Based in the Music City, when he’s not designing in SOLIDWORKS, you’ll find him out playing drums in the Nashville music and theatre scene.

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