Can I run SolidWorks on my computer?

Maybe you’re getting ready to install SolidWorks for the first time, but you’re not sure if your computer is up to the task. Or maybe you’re ready to upgrade to the latest model workstation, and want to ensure that you’re ready for the future. In order to get the most out of your software, it’s important to make sure your computer system meets a list of criteria.

So how can you determine if your existing or future hardware is up to the task? Answering this question is as easy as visiting our Hardware and System Requirements page.  Not only are you able to view information regarding hardware and system requirements for any of our SolidWorks products, but you can also research graphics cards, which anti-virus applications have been tested, and much more.


For example, take a look at the SolidWorks System Requirements. Along with ensuring that your operating system is a match, you can also view requirements for hardware such as RAM and Disk Space, SolidWorks Network Licenses and eDrawings. In regards to Macs, our page specifically states the following: Apple Macintosh-based machines running Windows using Boot Camp are not supported. The question of “Does SolidWorks run on Mac?” certainly comes up often, which is why we encourage everyone to read our recent blog entry regarding this very topic.

requirementsAnother great area to explore is our information on Hardware Benchmarks. This page features applications and references that can be used to help determine hardware performance. If you decide give your system a SolidWorks Performance Test, you can share your test scores with others and compare your results.

For those who either already own or are interested in purchasing our Education Edition or Student Edition software, the same system requirements for commercial licenses also apply for our education software. If you have any additional questions regarding any of the information presented on our web site, please contact your local reseller.

Robert Benenato

Robert Benenato

Customer Center Administrator & Marketing Assistant at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
Customer Center Administrator & Marketing Assistant at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation. Musician/songwriter when away from my desk.