CSWP-DRWT exam tests drawing tools in SolidWorks, not drafting “best practices”

Jim Lucas of 3DEngr.com exaplains the SolidWorks CSWP advanced exam for Drawing Tools (CSWP-DRWT). In his series of articles, he walks through each of the problems on the Drawing Tools practice exam (the exam you should try out before taking the actual test). He goes on to explain,

    “They are not testing ISO/ANSI standards, they are not testing best practices, they are not testing the ability to clearly show the function & form of a model, there is no dimensioning or annotation questions. They are testing to see if you know how to use the various tools in SolidWorks- mostly views, BOMs and custom properties.”

Essentially, the exam doesn’t test your knowledge of ASME or ISO standards. The completion of the CSWP-DRWT exam shows that you’ve demonstrated your ability to use the tools found in the SolidWorks Drawing environment.

For information on the test from SolidWorks and how to take the practice exam, please see the SolidWorks CSWP-DRWT page.

Matt Lorono

Matt Lorono

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Matt Lorono