Using SolidWorks Sub-Weldments

Something that has been confusing to students in my Weldments training classes is the proper way to create Sub-Weldments so that they retain all the work you have done creating properties for the cut-list items.

As of SolidWorks 2012 this is definitely possible but you have to do it in a specific way. The thing to remember with this is that the actual bodies do not store any properties, only the Cut-List Item folders do. So of course you have to do an “update” to your cut-list at least once before proceeding

Here are the steps for successfully creating a Sub-Weldment:

1. Create your weldment as normal.

2. Update the cut-list and add any additional properties to the folders.

3. Ctrl+Select the BODIES you want to make into a sub-weldment (either from tree
or from screen with bodies filter).


5. Then update the cut-list again (this is important).  You will end up with three levels in the folder and the properties will be inherited into the Sub-Weldment.

SubWeldment RESULT

This will even take the properties with the sub-weldment if you save it out to a separate part file (using right+click, “Insert into New Part” on the sub-weldment).  They will also be tied/related back to the original weldment file for updating!

Of course, as an alternative to actual “sub-weldments” done this way you can always just make a weldment, make another weldment, and then stick them into an assembly together.  The above method is nice because it keeps it all in one multi-body weldment part file rather than having to manage an assembly with multiple parts.


Randy Simmons is an Application Engineer at 3DVision Technologies, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  He is a regular contributor to 3DVision Technologies’ Blog where you will find new ideas to improve your productivity with SolidWorks products.

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