How to overline text on a SolidWorks drawing

Remastered from SolidWorks Legion article entitled How to overline text on a SolidWorks drawing.

11-27-2012 1-05-31 PMOccasionally, a SolidWorks user may need to state a number or variable as approximate within an annotation note.  The mathematical symbol for this is an overline.  Overlining text is supported via a trick in SolidWorks.  Here is a quick and dirty trick for creating overlined text on SolidWorks drawing:

  1. Start an annotation note. 
  2. With the note active and the text cursor placed at the desired location within the note, click on the Stack button from the Annotations toolbar. Untitled222
  3. Choose the style with the division line across the center.
  4. Choose the bottom alignment option.
  5. Type your overlined text in the Lower text field.
  6. Select OK.


The one drawback to this trick is that it will force spacing above your line of text.  This may only be a concern if one tries to use this technique within the general notes.

Matt Lorono

Matt Lorono

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