Enterprise PDM and Office – How to never leave the Office

Okay, so the title of this post is slightly misleading. But, it is a question I get often. Folks call, email and message me asking if there is an add-in for Microsoft® Office that provides the same user experience as within SolidWorks.

The answer is yes!

Have you ever opened an Office document in read-only mode, made changes and then discovered you forgot to check out the document? This add-in allows you to check out the document on the fly without losing your changes.

Also, it provides the typical ribbon toolbar and the same task pane interface provided in SolidWorks so that you can instantly view document status.

Office2PDM is an add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the document management functions of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM directly into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Want to try the add-in or learn more? Visit their website: www.office2pdm.com