SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2010 Beta: Resource Pain Relief


A few months ago I was talking to my brother, who is an IT manager for a local company that uses SolidWorks for design, and I asked him what his biggest challenges were when rolling out new software.

Not surprisingly he said it was making sure that new releases played nice with their other systems and software. He believes that taking part in beta is a wise investment in ensuring that software upgrades run smoothly. His only wish is that he had more resources.

While talking to customers about beta participation it became clear that the lack of resources, both hardware and time, delayed or prevented participation.

In an effort to alleviate part of the resource issue, the SolidWorks Beta team has created a "Hosted EPDM Beta Environment" that our EPDM customers can use to beta test with minimal effort.

SolidWorks supplies the database and archive servers and all the customer has to do is install the corresponding beta client. The customer has the ability to try out new functionality by creating their own vault or using a pre-populated test vault.

Sound intriguing? If so, sign up for beta via the customer portal.