Reading technology overload?

Back in March Jeff Ray wrote the blog article ‘Why Amazon Will Save the World’ which talked about the Amazon Kindle. Since reading that article I had toyed with the idea of purchasing an ‘electronic book reader’ but paused when I read that a newer model of the Kindle would be available soon. The Kindle 2 soon became available but then I balked at the price for a device that only allowed me to read books.

Recently I took a trip where I endured a four hour airport layover. I browsed the ‘electronic gadget’ store where the Sony Reader was being promoted and I thought; an electronic book reader would sure be handy now.

But, what to buy? I ended up buying the Sony Reader because it could store PDF files (and I wanted to store my vast library of EPDM Tech Tips) and because I got a really good deal price-wise.

So, I was intrigued to read a little blurb that proclaimed that netbooks could be used as book readers

Huh? I have a netbook that I take with me everywhere outside of the office. I like the small size and the fact that I can read my email, browse the web and keep up with social networking sites. Turns out my netbook is perfect for carrying around my library of PDF documents!  Additionally, you can install Adobe Digital Editions or Sony eBook Library software and download eBooks.  

Possible caveats might be eye strain that reader technology minimizes. Also, I have found that the Kindle offers access (via the Amazon book store) to more book titles at better prices.

In closing, figure out how you want to use your reader and choose the best option for your needs.