SolidWorks Plastics: Meshing

A render of the iPhone 5 with a plastic case created in SolidWorks

iPhone 5 with a Plastic Case

Many manufacturers use plastic injection molding to create cases for phones. A practical application of SolidWorks Plastics is using it to assess the manufacturability of these plastic cases. You too can design your own case that fits the iPhone 5 and then run an analysis to see how easy (or hard) it is to make.

The video below demonstrates how to mesh a case designed for the iPhone 5. The different types of mesh are analyzed and compared. Additional meshing options are explained.

    For additional information on mesh types and when to use which one, open this file. (You need a web browser capable of displaying .mht files such as Internet Explorer or Opera)


Click here to download my SolidWorks model of the iPhone 5.

Click here to download the cases I designed for the iPhone 5 and the rendered pictures.


In the next blog post, I will explain how to interpret the results of the analysis.

  • Rizwan Ali

    not loading the part file for iphone

    what are the requirements for the solidworks version?

  • Bertan Atamer

    The iPhone part should open with SolidWorks 2013 and SolidWorks 2013-2014 Education Edition. You might get a pop-up that says this file is for educational purposes. Just click OK for that message. Also, if it asks you to proceed with feature recognition click No. Here is a direct link for the download:

    If it still does not open please let me know.