Mechanisms & Mentorship Video Series: Threaded Insert Installer

Ever wondered what it would be like to be mentored one-on-one by a senior engineer that’s using SOLIDWORKS to successfully deliver solutions to industry clients?

My name is Rafael Testai, and in this video series “Mechanisms & Mentorship,” we’ll take a look behind the scenes to see how a hand-picked engineer has designed one of their mechanisms in granular detail. We’ll “open the hood” to analyze their CAD design and thought process behind the solution. I’ll ask them questions about the project, roadblocks, challenges, specific insights they learned, and how they’re using SOLIDWORKS to solve real world problems.

You’ll learn a mixture of soft skills and hard skills. This series is perfect for viewers who are already proficient in SOLIDWORKS (CSWA, CSWP, CSWE) and want to take the next step in their careers.

In this episode of Mechanisms & Mentorship, I’ll interview Directory of Business Development and Mechanical Engineer, Aaron Robison from in Arizona. We’ll focus on the project he’s currently developing called “The Threaded Insert Installer.” Stay tuned if you’ve struggled melting threaded inserts into 3D printed parts, this solution is for you.

Aaron has 20+ years of experience in diverse industries across all phases of R&D and roles such as NPD technical project manager, start-up cofounder, and engineer. He has a sound business and technical acumen to build teams and momentum to solve complex problems. Aaron excels at growing people, product and machine design, materials research, and manufacturing processes. Six of the ten products he’s developed have been or will be commercialized and all of them have produced invaluable learning.


1. What is the Threaded Insert Installer (TII)? (Min 1:12) The TII is used to put brass or metal inserts that have threads in them into a thermoplastic part, usually 3D printed or injection molded. The TII is similar to a heated harbor press. The benefit that it provides is that the metal insert is installed perfectly perpendicularly to the surface of the part. You can read more about the TII here.


2. What Problem Does the TII Solve? (Min 1:55)  In this section, Robison shows us a detailed explanation of how the TII can make our lives easier.

3. How to Install an Insert using the TII? (Min 4:45)  How to install an insert using the TII.

4. The Evolution of the TII (Min 4:55)  Robinson will walk us through the iterations of the TII. The first version had a liner rail and no handle. Image below.

5. The Requirements Document (Min 7:53)  Engineers translate vague requests into quantifiable amounts that can be tested for. 

To learn more about Aaron Robison, visit his LinkedIn. 

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