Mechanisms & Mentorship Video Series: Space Rocket Support Equipment

Ever wondered what it would be like to be mentored one-on-one by a senior engineer that’s using SOLIDWORKS to successfully deliver solutions to industry clients? My name is Rafael Testai, and in this episode of Mechanisms & Mentorship, I’ll interview Collin Foster, the owner of Solid Design and Detailing LLC, a company that uses primarily SOLIDWORKS for modeling, detailing, and drafting. He works primarily in the industrial equipment and structural and mechanical engineering industries.


1. A Boat used for Special Forces with Stealth Capabilities (Min 0:36)  Collin discusses one of the first projects he was able to bid on and land, early his career. He shares with us what he believes gave him an edge landing clients.

2. Fish Facility Archimedes Screw (Min 2:26) Collin explains a project that he was involved in, the Mud Mountain Dam Fish Bypass Facility, the largest fish bypass system in North America.  He was responsible for modeling and detailing the gated, crowding and sorting sections below.

3. Rocket Project (Min 16:00)  Ground Support Equipment (GSE). While as an employee, Collin helped design the last piece of Earth our astronauts will touch before they get launched into space.

4. Rocket Shipping Fixture to Transport Rocket Segments (Min 18:00)  Sixteen feet in length.

5. The Story Behind the Company Logo (Min 19:20)

Spoiler alert: It was made inside SOLIDWORKS. To learn more about Collin Foster, visit his LinkedIn.


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