Mechanisms & Mentorship Video Series: Remove Heat Shrink Tubing

Ever wondered what it would be like to be mentored one-on-one by a senior engineer that’s using SOLIDWORKS to successfully deliver solutions to industry clients? My name is Rafael Testai, and in this video series Mechanisms & Mentorship we’ll take a look behind the scenes to see how a hand-picked engineer has designed one of their mechanisms in granular detail. We’ll “open the hood” to analyze their CAD design and thought process behind the solution. I’ll ask them questions about the project, roadblocks, challenges, specific insights they learned, and how they’re using SOLIDWORKS to solve real world problems.

You’ll learn a mixture of soft skills and hard skills. This series is perfect for viewers who are already proficient in SOLIDWORKS (CSWA, CSWP, CSWE) and want to take the next step in their careers.

In this episode of Mechanisms & Mentorship, I’ll interview Mechanical Automation Engineer, Mark Blakey from in Arizona.



 1. How did Being a Business Owner Help you be a Better Employee? (Min 0:25)  Mark discusses his automotive aftermarket goods. He built a lot of off road custom equipment.

 2. What Problem Were You Trying to Solve? (Min 3:40)  A product that had a very small metal shaft with a heat shrink tubing over the shaft. They needed to be able to remove the heat shrink tubing without damaging the shaft.

3. Mechanism (Min 8:00)  Ramps change the rotational motion of the device into linear motion to move things up and down. Golden nugget: keep the operator in mind when you design. Someone will need to repair and service the designs you make.

4. What’s Your Design Process? (Min 11:50)  Mark explains how based on experience, the first design he comes up with is going to be discarded. He believes in “fail fast, and fail cheap.”

 5. The Best SOLIDWORKS Tip I’ve Ever Heard (18:46)  If there is one thing you should watch and remember from this interview, it’s this. It changed how I personally design parts for machining inside CAD because of this. Give this article a “share” if you’ve found this useful. It helps us gauge the level of interest from the audience and get the word out to new readers who will also benefit. Let’s all learn and expedite our learning curve together.

To learn more about Mark Blakey, visit his LinkedIn.

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