SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer: Chandelier

Chandelier: If you like bling and contemporary decorating you will enjoy this pendent. In this part, modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2020, a helical wrapped oval shape is created by hot dog shaped links.  The external shape is created using an oval and a helical surface and the resulting “Intersection Curve”.  The links are tessellated around using the Curve Driven Pattern that follows the curve. In the center there is a modern-shaped 4 position light socket and four CFL bulbs.  An internal frame has been developed to hold the general shape.  This beauty will dazzle with light patterns on the walls in the vicinity of this pendent.  Notice the clear glass and chrome finish that gives it sparkle when Real View graphics is on.

Features included in this part are: Surface Revolve, Helix/Spiral, Surface Sweep, Intersection Curve, Revolve, Pattern, Delete/Keep Body.

Download this Chandelier: learn more about making complex geometry using surfaces and intersection curves.

Complexity: Moderate

All features are named and all have comments.

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