SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – April 2019

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Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News!  This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM

By Nicole Phillips

With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 we have the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Integration.  Similar to Microsoft Office integration, we now have the SOLIDWORKS PDM ribbon available in the SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone tool.


You are now able to access SOLIDWORKS PDM features directly in SOLIDWORKS Inspection, such as:

  • Check-Out
  • Check-In
  • Search
  • Get Version
  • Get Latest Version

In addition to being able to access PDM features, the integration also includes file reference handling.  PDM will create references between the inspection project files (.ixprj) and the output deliverables (.xlsx, .pdf) files.  You will also be able to see these references in the Contains tab that will display the inspection project files are parent files and output deliverables as child references.

Inspection integration also supports variable mapping.

  • SWIPrjProperty defines the mapping for Inspection Project Properties
    • Available attribute names for Project Mapping are:
      • Part Name
      • Part Number
      • Part Revision
      • Document Name
      • Document Number
      • Document Revision
  • SWICustomProperty defines the mapping for Inspection Custom Properties

Example variable mapping on the Inspection datacard:

Example mapping from the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone Tool to the Datacard in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view:



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By Nicole Phillips

Another great addition to following our Tech Blog is our Twitter feed.  If you are on twitter, you should check out SOLIDWORKS Services team at @SOLIDWORKSCare.  The Services Team tweet many tips and tricks, answers to short technical questions or help you find some more useful, in-depth support.

The Services Team from around the world will tweet tons of helpful information from Loop selection in SOLIDWORKS to reminders on backups and Admin Image Settings for upgrades.


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Nicole Phillips

Technical Customer Support Engineer, SOLIDWORKS, Americas at DS SolidWorks Corp.
I have been with DS SOLIDWORKS as a Technical Support Engineer since 2013. I provide support for our SOLIDWORKS PDM products. I also handle the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News blog.