Automate Your Task With Task Scheduler

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows you set up tasks to perform at a later time. Performing a resource-intensive task such as rebuilding a large assembly could be time-consuming, you can use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to perform the job after office hours. You can choose to schedule a task on a daily basis or quarterly, depending on your workflow. SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler runs on detached window interface that is different from the SOLIDWORKS application.

You will need a SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium, or SOLIDWORKS Office license to fully utilize SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.

Summary of Task Scheduler 
This will be the explanation of each task that SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler that is able to do. This short post, we will be talking the Print Files for easy reference.

Task scheduler

  • Convert Files – create a task to convert files from an earlier release of SOLIDWORKS to the current release.
  • Upgrade Assistant – planning to migrate to a new version of SOLIDWORKS, you can use the Upgrade Assistant to test that your parts, assemblies and drawings will migrate correctly.
  • Update Files – rebuilds the specified documents with any changes made since the last time the model was rebuilt.
  • Update Associated Files – Update a SOLIDWORKS document and its referenced documents.
  • Import Files/ Export Files – schedule tasks to import IGES (*.igs, *.iges) and STEP (*.step, *.stp) files into SOLIDWORKS part (*.sldprt) files
  • Update Custom Properties – Update custom properties in SOLIDWORKS documents.
  • Create Drawings – Create drawing files for SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files.
  • Create eDrawings – Export SOLIDWORKS documents as eDrawings® files
  • Update simulation – Update the SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis in SOLIDWORKS part and assembly documents
  • Design Checker – Check designs of SOLIDWORKS documents using a standards file generated with Design Checker.
  • Render and Animation – Manage rendering tasks you set up in PhotoView or animation tasks you set up in Motion Studies
  • Build ECAD Files – Build multiple ECAD files as SOLIDWORKS solid models

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler
Searching for Task Scheduler from start menu > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS 20__ > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.

Creating Task from SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows me to create a task that is hectic and time consuming to do. For example, currently, I am required to print out SOLIDWORKS Drawings daily. However, I have my daily task and I am not able to just focus on printing my drawing sheets.

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is able to help me on this tedious task of printing drawing sheets. I am able to create a future task to be scheduled to meet my workflow.

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler step-up

Print Step-up
Since I just started to use Print Files from SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler, I realised the printer step up is important. I have to have the correct printer driver that is installed on my workstation in order for this task to work. To change the settings of the printer, from the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler step-up and clicking on the options will allow customizing.

From this print step-up, I am able to customize the drawing settings (for example, the background of the SOLIDWORKS drawings or even the size of the paper).


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