SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data Reuse Capabilities: Part 2

This is the continuation of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data Reuse capabilities (Part 1)

SOLIDWORKS Electrical always helps the designers with the ease of automation and intelligence. There are different design re-use techniques in SOLIDWORKS electrical which cover all the essential needs of a designer, which are mentioned below:

  1. Macros
  2. Project macros
  3. Duplicate project
  4. Snapshot
  5. Paste special

In our previous blog, we discussed both macros and project macros so today we continue our series by covering topic 3, duplicate projects.

3. Duplicate Project:

Another important feature is the duplicate project, we can copy the whole project with all its configurations and rename it. It will come up in the project manager and then we can open it to edit or modify anything. The figures below shows the whole process of duplicating a project.

Figure 8a – Duplicate project

Figure 8b  

Figure 9 – Name the duplicated project

The duplicated project is not a macro but a separate new project with new name. See figure 10

Figure 10 – New project from duplicated project

As this is a new project and not just the drawing sheets inserted, the marks and roots remain same. See figure 11

Figure 11 – Marks and roots of duplicated project

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