SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer: World Tutorial

World: Is our Earth flat or is it a globe? Is it hollow? Using the ‘Hem’ Sheet metal Feature, these age old questions are finally answered in this amazing SOLIDWORKS Part. The Earth is in fact… ALL OF THE ABOVE! Yes, like Schrodinger’s Cat, all three states exist at one time… that is until you observe the Part and collapse its Wave Function. This unique part combines surface and sheet metal features to create different shapes.

Three configurations are provided. “Flat Earth”, “Globe Earth” and “Hollow Earth”. The Flat Earth Configuration will ‘unfold’ the Sheet metal to reveal what “The Powers That Be” don’t want you to see… an actual Map of our Flat Earth. The Hollow Earth Configuration is there for those that want to know where UFO’s really come from (wink wink). Worried that the MIB will bust through your door at any moment now that you know the Secrets? No problem. Simply switch back to ‘Globe Earth’ and you are safe. Hurry and download this part before its banned, and you too can be part of the Conspiracy!

Download: World
Complexity: Moderate
Features: Sheetmetal, Hem, Surface, Offset, Thicken, Delete Body

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DraftSight Download: In conjunction with DraftSight, Dassault Systèmes’ 2D CAD product, the 2D drawing(.dwg) file of the World tutorial is now available for download here.


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