Showcase your Additive Manufacturing knowledge with the CSWA – AM

Are you a student or graduate looking for a job in Design or Manufacturing?  Or an instructor preparing your class for these industries?

It’s no secret that companies hiring for roles in these areas are looking for new talent with Additive Manufacturing experience, as there is traditionally less formal training available to those already in industry.

What’s the biggest driver of hiring people with these skills?  Additive Manufacturing allows companies to produce parts – often faster and with less overhead than traditional manufacturing requires.

Learning the key principles to designing and producing parts additively is a very desirable skill to bring to the workforce.

Many students and professionals have realized the value of the SOLIDWORKS Certification Program as a way to highlight their skills in Mechanical Design and Design Validation.  As an industry recognized benchmark, this program also offers the Certified SolidWorks Associate – Additive Manufacturing Certification.

Here’s what to expect from this course and certification:

  1. Start by accessing the recommended learning path on MySolidWorks. You can register for a MySolidWorks account, and the learning content is free to access.
    You’ll cover the following topics:
  • Learning modules highlighting FDM, SLA, and SLS 3D Printing
  • Materials and machine types
  • Design for additive considerations
  • Post processing and part finishing
  • Software options for AM
  1. Once you complete the learning modules, head to com/Certification to learn how you can complete the CSWA – AM exam.

Students are eligible to take the exam for free if your school is a SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider (other requirements may apply and vary by region).

Instructors who would like to learn more about the SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification program, and other exams that are available, can click here.

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