Like Father Like Son – Hernan Malleret And His 11 Year Old, Tomas

Hernan Malleret, an industrial designer from Buenos Aires in Argentina, is a self taught SOLIDWORKS user. He started using the software in 1997 and was able to self-learn the program because of its user-friendly interface he says. Starting with designing plastic pieces, Hernan discovered how SOLIDWORKS allowed him to develop his work in a more precise manner. “It is very intuitive”, he tells us.

He lives in the outskirts of the city of Concepcion del Uruguay in Entre Rios with his wife and four children. Tomas, now 11 years old, would watch Hernan use SOLIDWORKS, and fixated on what transpired on the screen. Otherwise a fan of playing ball, Tomas insisted on wanting to learn SOLIDWORKS. His parents wondered if the 10 year old was ready to learn such a complex professional program, and could handle the frustration associated with failure to accomplish a goal.

Hernan ensures to provide the means to his children to “forge their own paths”. So, he decided to allow his curious 10 year old to use SOLIDWORKS for playing purposes. “Tomas started using the program intuitively”, Hernan recalls. “I actually think that kids use SOLIDWORKS in a different way than adults do”.

When asked about his experience, Tomas shares, “It was fun when I started although difficult until I learnt the tools”. He began exploring on his own. “What I like about SOLIDWORKS is that you can give life and form to a simple drawing,” says Tomas. “I like that because all the imagination you have, you can make real.”

Tomas is currently designing a solar-powered lawn mower using SOLIDWORKS. He believes that this knowledge will help him in his adult life as he wants to follow his father’s footsteps and grow up to become an industrial designer.

SOLIDWORKS is proud to be part of such success stories in the making, and shall continue to inspire and support the youngest of designers.

Watch this short video to hear from Hernan and Tomas.

Aanchal Singh

I am currently an intern at SOLIDWORKS, and an MBA student at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. I love travelling and distance running.