Mansoura Formula Student Team Drives Engineering Success



Egypt’s Masoura University Formula Student racing team, under the direction of faculty mentor, Dr Mohammed Awad, use their engineering skills both in and out of the classroom to compete on a world-wide stage.


In their senior capstone design project, students not only analyzed their vehicle’s engine, with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation,  but also learned from these CFD results to improve design through iterations and to successfully compete as a Formula Student racing team.


Mansoura Formula Student racing team was founded in 2013 with a goal to compete in a Formula Student competition by 2016 – a goal that they achieved this year. Engineering students from Mansoura competed at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,  Formula Student UK, collegiate event, on a high performance stage with some of the best student Formula teams in the world.

As a young team, they divided into 6 sub-groups, with a goal to build an efficient, low cost, and high performance FSAE car with given available resources.


Technically, the team focused on reducing weight and applying aerodynamics. They made trade-off decisions between content and cost depending on performance. Through the design process, Mansoura Formula Student racing team always seeks to maximize the performance of each sub-system.


Here are the statistics about the Mansoura:

Length, width, height, wheelbase 2900mm / 1400mm / 1200mm / 1575mm
Track (front/rear) 1200mm /1100mm
Weight of car (no driver) 240 kg
Weight distribution including 68kg driver (front/rear) 138.6 kg/169.4 kg
Suspension (front/rear) Double unequal length A-Arm. Push rod actuated spring and damper.
Tyres (front/rear) 521 x 178-330 R25B Hoosier
Wheels (front/rear) 165 mm wide, 1 pc Al Rim
Brakes (front/rear) Mild Steel, hub mounted, 220 mm dia. Drilled
Chassis construction One piece tubular spaceframe
Engine (Electric motor for alternatively fuelled vehicles) 2008 / Honda CRB600RR four stroke in line four
Bore/stroke/cylinders/cc (Electric motor spec for alternatively fuelled vehicles) 67mm bore / 42.5mm stroke / 4 cylinder / 599 cc
Fuel (Type of Energy Storage for alternatively fuelled vehicles) 95 RON unleaded
Fuel system (Accumulator Spec for alternatively fuelled vehicles) Honda multi point fuel injection
Max power/max torque 76 kW @ 13,500rpm / 60 Nm @ 11,250rpm
Transmission Single 520 chain
Differential Quaife automatic torque biasing differential
Final drive 3.8 : 1


Recently honored by his efforts with new Formula Student team leader, Mohammed Sharaf. we thank Dr Awad, the faculty of engineering, Mansoura University, and his Formula Student team for sharing with the SOLIDWORKS community,  Marie


Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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