Northeastern’s ASME Students Teach Engineering Classmates Job-Ready Skills

Northeastern ASME Students 1

How do you get  that first engineering job?  A tough task for any engineering student.  Northeastern University’s (NU) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) student section helps its new members get the skills they need to start their careers.

NU’s ASME Student Section holds 6 week-night classes in SolidWorks,   This semester, David Tortoriello. Jeff Speroni, Justin Baldacci and Greg Estra,  CSWA certified, volunteer to teach the class.

Northeastern ASME Students 2

Northeastern is a campus partner with SolidWorks which allows them to be a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Provider.  According to Greg, “Northeastern has been kind enough to get enough certification vouchers for each student in the course. Each student at the end of the course will get a chance to be CSWA certified which is really awesome. We have had many students come back (from previous years) and tell us how helpful this course is for them and how it helped get co-op positions.”

AppendixA-SolidWorks Certification

Northeastern University is known for their co-operative (co-op) education experience integrated with Engineering studies.   In the five year program, students must work three –  6 month co-ops at  engineering companies. To help students find the best jobs, requires them to know SolidWorks and be CSWA certified.

The class also provides a fund-raising activity for NU’s ASME Student Section.  To help raise money, students pay $30 per person for a 6 week – 2 hour session class.  Thank you Greg for sharing with the SolidWorks community.

For more information about NU’s ASME Student Section go here.

When I was a mechanical engineering student, being Rutgers University ASME student section president,  gave me many opportunities.  So now it is time for me to give back.   ASME student sections can apply to become CSWA providers through your schools’s ASME adviser at CSWA Provider program.   Marie


Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Senior Director, Early Engagement, 3DEXPERIENCE Works at Dassault Systemes
Marie Planchard is an education and engineering advocate. As Senior Director of Education & Early Engagement, SOLIDWORKS, she is responsible for global development of content and social outreach for the 3DEXPERIENCE Works products across all levels of learning including educational institutions, Fab Labs, and entrepreneurship.
Marie Planchard