Glad to be aboard!


Right off the bat, I want to say how blown away I am to be given this opportunity to participate in the SolidWorks Teacher Blog. I want to thank Marie Planchard and Matthew West for giving me this chance. Having just recently attended a SWUGN Summit, it is readily apparent that the SolidWorks community is something special, and I am honored to have been chosen to participate!  The people involved were some of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable people I have met, and it was obvious they all love what they are doing. I am excited to now be counted among their ranks, and hope by sheer osmosis to pick up and develop some of the qualities they possess.

My name is Ty Carrington. I am a student in the Drafting and CAD Technology program taught by Russell White at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Shelbyville. I recently passed the CSWA exam and I am also President of our school chapter of SkillsUSA, a national organization that promotes leadership, and excellence in technical education, something I feel very strongly about. I believe that we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of manufacturing and design, and fear that our technical schools and community colleges might be preparing students for jobs from a distant past that are quickly going the way of the dinosaur. SolidWorks is leading the charge into this new frontier of the way things are made, and the more drafters, designers, and engineering technicians that learn and embrace this powerful tool, the better off all parties involved will be.

With that said, this idea that there might be a better way or teaching, learning, and doing things is what I will focus my posts on.  I think a pair of fresh eyes and someone who is thinking outside the box is just what these institutions need to respond to the new demands of industry.  I ask for all of you educators and professionals to give me your input, and even set me straight where I might be off base or misinformed.

I am thrilled to be aboard!



Welcome Ty.  Marie

Ty Carrington
Ty Carrington is a drafting student at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology- Shelbyville, where he is also President of the school's chapter of SkillsUSA .
Ty Carrington
Ty Carrington

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