Italian Teachers use SolidWorks to Promote Innovation and Student Employment

Istituto Professionale Fossati Design 3d

Istituto Professionale Fossati,  in the beautiful northern town of Sondrio, Italy,  is a school that embraces new technology focusing on students’ future employment.  In a recent event named, Innovation and Career, students (Ages 13-18) and their teachers showed how their ideas have turned into real projects. 

Italian Teachers with SolidWorks 1
  "These projects show how we work hard in our institution, where motivated students see practical applications for their competencies, in order to get ready for employment earlier" according to principal Giovanna Sciaresa.

 Istituto Professionale Fossati Piping Installation

With SolidWorks Technology, three training classes are offered during the year that introduce students to parametric 3D design with solids and surfaces.

Istituto Professionale Fossati Furniture

The hands-on, cutting edge, SolidWorks projects involved 60 students and teachers under the supervision of Daniele Forne, head of the technology department.

Istituto Professionale Fossati, is a Certified SolidWorks Associate Provider.  To prepare for industry, students also take the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Exam as part of their final exam.

 Istituto Professionale Fossati Materials

Other student projects include:

– an innovative and environment-friendly ventilation system for civil buildings where plc's control gates as external air enters the building;  resulting in constant, fresh, and clean internal air  

– a working solar panel for solar heating in buildings

– a 1:1 scale apartment where students installed various kinds of civil plants (wiring, plumbing system,  heating apparatus, lighting, complete plants built into a house  complete with electrical, lights, alarm, hi-fi, stereo system, burglar alarm and intercom system.

 Istituto Professionale Fossati Flow Analysis

With help from HVAC environmental SolidWorks customer, Effebi and the local bank,  Credito Valtellinese, these students are well on their way to work success. 

You can find other stories about Italian students and educators using SolidWorks at  My friend, Alessandro Tornincasa has written his blog in both Italian and English.

Grazia.  Marie 

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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