Dog Bone

Dog Bone

For this post I decided to make a toy dog bone.  To make this bone, I first started out by extruding a sketch of a slot mid plane.  This is for the center part of the bone.  To create the ends, I first revolved a half a circle on one end of the bone.  The edge of the circle was touching the edge of the bone.  I then mirrored that over the front plane so that there were two spheres on that one side.  Both of those were then mirrored over the right plane so that they would also be two on the other side of the bone.  To fill the gap between the spheres and the first extrude, a sketch was drawn on the end of the first extrude and then extruded up to next.  This process was used on the other side as well.  To make the bone a little more interesting, text was added to one side of it.  This was done by starting a new sketch on the top face of the bone.  A construction line was added going horizontally across the bone.  Text was then added to the sketch using that construction line as a guide.  I then extruded that sketch to make the text raised.  For my next post, I plan on using this bone to make a mold that could be used if the bone were to be manufactured.  My thought behind this was to show the basics of how to make a mold and I thought that this would be a relatively easy object to start with.  I hope you enjoy!


Ian Jutras

Mechanical Engineering 2013

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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