Ubertube and Game Pieces CAD Models for 2011 FRC LOGOMOTION(TM)

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2011 FRC Logo Pieces

Below are the CAD models of the Ubertube and Game Pieces created in SolidWorks.  I will also post the CAD models in www.3DContentCentral.com  so you can download these models in other 3D and 2D CAD formats.

.3mm Vinyl is approximately the same material as PVC (plasticized) poly vinyl chloride.  If you are working in inches,   enter the value and append mm to make the conversion automatically

Please note the Ubertube and game logo pieces are an approximation based on the description in the offical frc game manual.  Your game pieces may differ.  You can modify the dimensions to meet your needs.

The Ubertube is a seperate model file.


In SolidWorks, II utilized File, PackandGo to create a zip file of the complete assembly.  This function is helpful when combining multiple parts in an assembly to save.

Thank you to all the robot teams and mentors that are utilizing SolidWorks for the 2011 FRC competition.

Any registered FRC team can receive SolidWorks software sponsorship .

SolidWorks is a sponsor of the WPI Regional and the Boston Regional this year and have created tutorials


Download FRC 2011 Logo Pieces  and unzip to get all three part files.

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Marie Planchard

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