A Homemade Heliostat that can Really Cook

  This is for the more advanced classes and perhaps the high schools or college levels to do this homemade heliostat.  It might be the answer to bring your science classes more in line with the thinking of environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to use these energy sources.  This is an ongoing project that I have been using SolidWorks for to conceptualize, then design and to finally run some simulations with.  I am building the prototype of this heliostat now and so far it has already exceeded my expectations even at the one forth scaled down size of the full version.  It can be costly to build using my methods but utilizing the idea itself, I'm sure there are many ways to make a much cheaper one.  Enjoy the concept and design I am using.  Richie.

Download Solar One of Engineering com Starts Cooking 6_14_09


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