Stripping a Coated/Plated Part in SolidWorks

Stripping a Coated Plated Part

In response to a comment from a past Coating/Plating Parts blog article, here is a simple technique for removing a few thousands of an inch from a finished part to simulate the stripping of a finish. The task is very similar to adding a finish to the part, except in reverse. The tools will be the same as the method Jason shared, only used a bit differently. The tricky thing about stripping the part is ensuring that you leave any non-finished faces, such as reamed or threaded holes, at their final size.

Please read through the steps below and watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

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Three New Simulation Functions in SolidWorks 2013

From CAPINC's What's New Segment, here are three new SolidWorks Simulation functions in 2013.

Shell Edge to Beam Bonding

The bonding of shell edges that belong to surface or sheet metal bodies to beams, commonly used to simulate gusset plates connecting beams, is supported through manual contact set definitions.
This functionality is available for linear static, frequency, buckling, and linear dynamic studies.
To create a shell edge to beam bonded contact, in the Contact Sets PropertyManager, under Type, select Bonded. For Set 1, click Beams and select the beam from the graphics area. For Faces, Edges for Set 2, select the shell edge.

Shell Edge to Beam BondingShell Edges to Beam Bonding

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