Three New Simulation Functions in SolidWorks 2013

From CAPINC’s What’s New Segment, here are three new SolidWorks Simulation functions in 2013.

Shell Edge to Beam Bonding

The bonding of shell edges that belong to surface or sheet metal bodies to beams, commonly used to simulate gusset plates connecting beams, is supported through manual contact set definitions. This functionality is available for linear static, frequency, buckling, and linear dynamic studies.
To create a shell edge to beam bonded contact, in the Contact Sets PropertyManager, under Type, select Bonded. For Set 1, click Beams and select the beam from the graphics area. For Faces, Edges for Set 2, select the shell edge.

Shell Edge to Beam BondingShell Edges to Beam Bonding

Render Shell Thickness
You can display the mesh and results of shells using a 3D representation of shall bodies. There is a new option to display the thickness of shells in result plots (stress, displacement, and strain) and when viewing the mesh.
To view the results on a 3D representation of shell bodies, in a Stress Plot, Displacement Plat, or Strain Plot PropertyManager, Under Advanced Options, select Render shall thickness in 3D (slower).

The shell thickness displayed in the plots is the value defined in the Shell Definition PropertyManger. The orientation of thickness is displayed with relation to the midsurface of the shell, as defined by the offset value (Shell Definition PropertyManager).
For stress plots, results for the top and bottom shell faces are shown. Results are literally interpolated across the shell thickness. When probing stress plots, both the top and bottom shell values are displayed.
Render Shell Thickness

Reaction Forces for Beams

You can list the reaction forces and reaction moments at beam joints that have fixed translation or rotations.
In the Result Force PropertyManager, under Selection, select the beam joint to list the reaction forces.

Reaction Forces for Beams

Reaction Forces for Beams


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