How will You be Attending 3DEXPERIENCE World?

3DEXPERIENCE World is right around the corner! Our teams have been working diligently to prepare an amazing conference for our attendees. We’ve received many questions about what to expect as an in-person attendee vs. a virtual attendee. This is a good question! For those of you on the fence, we hope this blog will give you more details to make that important decision about attending in person or virtual. The matrix below explains the difference between your two options.

As you can see all attendees get access to General Sessions.  Attendees will hear from industry luminaries and Dassault Systèmes executives about the new technology and trends that will help foster innovation, growth, and prosperity for SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Works users, business leaders, and entrepreneurs alike.

We have hundreds of technical breakout sessions and MeeetUps offered to help you expand your skills, increase your productivity, learn how to turn your amazing ideas into new products and ask questions of SOLIDWORKS experts and executives, thought leaders, makers, and influencers.

Total sessions offered for virtual attendees is @100 vs @225 for in-person attendees. And you can only benefit from the hands-on sessions in person, where an expert will walk you through important workflows. We suggest you check out the 3DEXPERIENCE World Session Catalog to understand what is available and when.

Free certification exams are available for all attendees! To learn more about our certification offerings, please see our 3DEXPERIENCE World Certification blog.

All attendees get access to the Virtual Event Platform and the Model Mania Challenges.

The Playground and The Hive are great places to do some in-person networking! There is so much to see in the Playground like the:

  • Dassault Systemes Booth – Stop by the Dassault Systèmes booth to see our featured product demos that tells the Dassault Systèmes story through breadth, depth and power of our multiple brands and solutions. It’s also a great place to meet and ask questions of the experts.
  • Shop Floor – The Shop Floor in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground is where the magic happens. Witness real products being built on 5-axis milling and mill-turn machines from DN Solutions and a mill and plasma from Tormach.  New this year we are offering Shop Floor training sessions for our in-person attendees! These will include:
    Cobot 101 training sessions: If you have ever wanted to learn about cobots, also known as “Collaborative Robots” and see what it takes to program one. Stop by and spend some with our manufacturing experts to learn what it takes to move into robotics automation.   10-20 minutes sessions will be available in the shop floor, visit the Shop Floor for times.
    CNC 101 training sessions: Just like Cobots, CNC is becoming more popular, with their use increasing by hobbyists as well as any company that wants bring their manufacturing in-house.  But what does it take to set up and machine a part?  If you are interested in learning the basics of what it takes to machine a part, then stop by the shop floor and check out our CNC101 sessions.  10-20 minutes sessions will be available in the shop floor, visit the Shop Floor for times.
  • EDU Zone – This year’s EDU zone includes students and projects from Louisiana Tech University and Vanderbilt University, demo stations where you can see SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and Cloud Apps for Kids as well as a student-design Formula One Car.
  • Makers Zone – In the Maker Zone you’ll find makers, academicians, and 3D printing technologies—all in one place to celebrate the spirit of making.  Come and chat with real makers who are creating tomorrow’s products today.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Theater – In the 3DEXPERIENCE Theater, partners will have the opportunity to showcase their amazing innovations and experiences. Take a seat and learn about all the amazing partner products that take your SOLIDWORKS investment to the next level.
  • All of our Partners and Sponsors.

For in-person attendees, The Hive will have scheduled networking and community-enabling activities. The agenda for The Hive is jam-packed and gives attendees a dedicated opportunity to meet like-minded individuals to share best practices. Our virtual attendees can participate in the Hive Hallway Hangout Podcasts and virtual speed networking sessions! Check out the Session Catalog for all the details.

A major difference is the ability to interact with people in person. To have those casual conversations as you see an old friend in the hallway or in line for breakfast, lunch or during session breaks. And don’t forget our Tuesday Night Special event. If you’ve ever attended in person before you know this is something you don’t want to miss! Once again we will be taking over a block of Broadway for an exclusive party where you can check out some of the hottest bars in Nashville, or even party in the street. It’s the opportunity to listen to some of Nashville’s top up-and-coming artists who will keep us moving and grooving all night long. We will also have games and activities to keep you entertained.

We understand not everyone can travel yet, so participating virtually is a great option and is free!

Have you made your decision yet?

As for me, I will be there in person and I hope to see you at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 in Nashville in February!

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