3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 Agenda is now Live!

3DEXPERIENCE World provides an unparalleled opportunity to see how human ingenuity and innovative technology combine to shape the world of product development. It’s where thousands of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, students and managers come together as a community to celebrate, collaborate and push the limits of what’s possible. We are happy to say the 3DEXPERIENCE World agenda is now live! Explore the hundreds of training sessions and get ready to create a customized schedule to make the most of your experience, but hurry because the best sessions will fill up fast!

Are you a Social Butterfly? 

Meet and talk with other members of the SOLIDWORKS community; we love to talk shop, trade tips and tricks and help each other out with those nagging design problems. Feel the buzz that only happens when you get so many SOLIDWORKS enthusiasts together in one place—feeding off each other’s energy and passion.


Be a Skill Seeker – get that next level of certification!

Attend in person and get all the training, tools, and resources you need to improve your skill set and get inspired to explore next-gen technology. Choose from hundreds of technical breakout sessions tailored to help you hone and expand your SOLIDWORKS skills and learn how you can benefit from adding 3DEXPERIENCE Works tools into your workflow. Did we mention that all attendees get access to free certification?


Care to just soak it all in? Then you are a Grazer!

Who’s ready to race into general session and get inspired by our keynotes and amazing customer stories?  Get a glimpse into the latest trends in design, simulation and manufacturing. Learn about the tools that make it all possible. Attend in person and get access to it all! Or you can attend virtually and get access to a select group of sessions.



Big Ideas – Big Thinker

Business leaders must look beyond current tools and embrace the next generation of technology. Learn how leveragin your investment in SOLIDWORKS by adding tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio helps you transform your business.




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