Celebrate the 12 Days of DraftSight

To kick off the spirit of the season, the DraftSight team will be sharing a video series of the 12 days of DraftSight over the next 2 weeks. For each of the 12 days, join us and watch as we will be releasing a short video containing a character for a promo code. Once you’ve collected all 12 characters, you can go to DraftSight.com on December 24th only and redeem the code for a special holiday gift.

Day 1:


Feedback is the greatest gift, so hear what DraftSight customers are saying:

“With DraftSight, we can do so much more than interface with our customers in DWG format. Because DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS are part of the same product family and are compatible, we can go back and forth between both systems. This is hugely important and enables us to optimize the use of 2D and 3D design tools.” – Bob Russell, Senior Design Engineer, CentraSep Technologies.

“The flexibility of DraftSight for sharing information and data—typically in DWG format—across the design team makes yacht development more efficient, which is why I encourage my partners to use DraftSight. The software also ensures that we effectively communicate with customers at every step along the way. Our clients always appreciate the clarity of our technical drawings and being kept apprised of our progress, which helps to increase customer satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal of our work.” – Griscia Pastacaldi, Owner/Lead Designer, GPNA.

“DraftSight gives us all the 2D functionality and professional tools we need, doesn’t require training because it operates just like our legacy CAD, and supports profitability. By moving to DraftSight Professional, we are substantially improving the ROI for our CAD investment.”- David Yerks, Estimator at Bill’s Custom Fab.

Do you know that DraftSight integrates seamlessly with other SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systèmes solutions and services? Or that legacy users are able to continue using their familiar commands without missing a beat? Whether you are new to DraftSight or looking to make the most of DraftSight’s 2D design tools and productivity features, you can learn more and download Five Fast Facts about DraftSight that are worth knowing!

DraftSight makes it easy to create, edit, view, and mark up any DWG or DXF-file with speed and ease.  Legacy entities, layers, plot styles, Xrefs, and blocks will all transition, making it easy to seamlessly go back and forth between DraftSight and legacy software. In some ways, DraftSight handles DWG files even better with the ability to save a file all the way back to an R12 drawing file.


Are you feeling festive yet? Here at DraftSight, we certainly are especially as we recently hosted Young Engineers Day where we had six ninth grade students and their parents join us onsite for a guided class covering the basics on how to use DraftSight. The day culminated in a tour of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab where the students could chose holiday ornaments and figurines that had been designed in DraftSight and then either 3D-printed or laser-cut to bring the ornaments to life. There are so many exciting possibilities of what you can create and we look forward to hosting more students in the new year.

Don’t forget to join us for the 12 Days of DraftSight festivities to see if you can piece together the clues for a prize on December 24th, 2022. Can’t wait to find out the prize? You are in luck because we have another gift for you! For a limited time you can save 20% off DraftSight Premium or Professional now until 12/31. Upgrade your 2D CAD solution today. 

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Happy Holidays from all of us on the DraftSight team!

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