Catch Up on Key Browser-based 3DEXPERIENCE Works Role Enhancements in 2022

Each quarter, the SOLIDWORKS R&D team transforms your feedback into enhancements for the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works design and engineering browser-based roles. This means next-gen tools, like 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor, receive enhancements geared to help you simplify workflows and improve productivity. Here is a look at some key enhancements that have been added so far in 2022.

The browser-based design and engineering roles are available separately or in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer and include: 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor, 3D Mold Creator, Manufacturing Definition Creator, 3D SheetMetal Creator and 3D Structure Creator. Learn about some of the key updates for each R2022x functional delivery (FD) below.

February 2022 Update (R2022x FD01)

Featured Updates:

  •         Machine Learning

With the power of machine learning, this update revolutionizes the way you put together assemblies, which become as intuitive as that well-known brand of construction blocks, but with any shaped geometry. The Design Assistant now has a mode that can automatically invoke a component when dropped close to something similarly shaped. It can apply up to three appropriate mates. Check out the video below.


  •         User Assistance Panel

The design and layout of the User Assistance panel is now consistent across all dashboard apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The User Assistance panel is also dynamic based on what is selected within the apps. For example, when you use the Line Tool, User Assistance automatically brings up the help section for the Line Tool. The consistent look and feel of the User Assistance panel improves usability.

  •         Thickness Analysis Check

For plastic parts, you typically want a consistent thickness of material, because a plastic part that is too thick will shrink and create a divot as the part cools down during manufacturing. The new Thickness Check tool lets you perform two methods of analysis to prevent these kinds of issues: 1) the rolling ball method, called Sphere, or 2) normal distance between faces check, called Ray.

Prevent sink marks, evaluate structural design integrity, and validate a part’s capacity to fill properly with this new tool. Also, you can manually check thicknesses at specific locations by clicking on an area. Color coding enables you to easily see areas of the model that are too thick or thin.

Learn more about R2022x FD01 browser-based design and engineering capabilities here.

April 2022 Update (R2022x FD02)

Featured Updates:

  •        Sub-D Working Zone

The new Working Zone for subdivision modeling helps you stay “in the zone,” so to speak. With the Working Zone you can select a specific part of a component that you’d like to edit by selecting a Working Zone on a subdivision mesh. This not only declutters your space but helps reduce errors, so you don’t accidentally edit another node, loop or face outside that area. The Working Zone enables you to see the whole assembly while staying focused on one area with less chance of errors.

  •        Cutout Impact Options

There is a new option within the Cutout command called the Cutout Extent under Impact Options. This enables you to create normal cuts through multiple faces using one command. This new option will optimize the normal cut for the faces its passing through and will also add the correct clearance to ensure there is no interference on that object.

Create normal cuts through multiple faces using one command with the Cutout Extent.


  •        Complex Corner Trim

We’ve expanded our corner trim functionality for complex corners with options for trimming the up-to-body or 3-way miter when working on structures. This enables you to fully define your 3-way corner intersections so that the model accurately reflects how that corner would be manufactured.

Learn more about R2022x FD02 here.

July 2022 Updates (R2022x FD03)

Featured updates:

  •        Welcome App

If you haven’t checked out the new Welcome app in 3D Creator added in April, you should. The Welcome app provides resources for the roles you have, such as video overviews and access to SOLIDWORKS online communities right from the app. From the Learning Center in the app, you can find tips for getting started, short video tutorials, as well as access to more in-depth learning tutorials. It also has Sample Content, such as a model of an engine block that you can drag and drop to your interface to check out the modeling features.

The latest iteration of the Welcome app adds role descriptions that tell you about its app and includes a video on how to use it. This feature will help you get started quickly.

You can also launch another role, such as 3D Sculptor, right from the Welcome app, in addition to opening your collaboration and management apps, such as 3DPlay, the Bookmark Editor and others.

The Welcome app features quick access to your roles, apps, learning resources and SOLIDWORKS user forums.


  •        Reuse Sketches

The insert sketch workflow enables you to reuse standard or frequently used sketch shapes from any existing model.

Reduce design time and reuse standard or frequently used sketch shapes from any existing model using this new insert sketch workflow. You’ll also notice improved snapping and robot manipulators when you are positioning sketches.

  •        Selection Accelerator

There are several new selection accelerators you can access in the context toolbar or by using shift select.

If you need to select a group of tangent edges or faces you can use the Select Tangency accelerator on the context toolbar. If you need to select edges around the face of a box or quad ball, there’s a Corner Loop accelerator that lets you shift select two edges on either side of a corner to select the entire loop. And for creased edges we’ve added the Select Crease accelerator on the context toolbar so you can select connected creased edges. Also, you can use shift select to follow along creased edges.

Learn more about this release here.

September 2022 Update (2022X FD04)

The most significant updates for FD04 browser-based roles were in 3D Creator.

Featured updates:

  •        Enhanced Visualization for Fillet Failures

Reduce errors and save time with new visual feedback for fillet failures.

  •        Direct Bookmark Integration

Easily manage data with new direct integration of bookmarks from the action bar.

  •        Design Assistant Sketch Helper

Rapidly define sketches with the Design Assistant Sketch Helper.

Watch the video below to see these enhancements in action.


Browser-based Client Success

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