Find Out What Else Can Your 3D Data Do for Your Business

Busy day, right? How about a little fun to treat yourself?

Build your own favorite electric vehicle ​​​​​​​using this live LEXUS 3D configurator as shown below.

So cool, right? I know.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your products and your online visitors could enjoy similar 3D magic?

You bet! Actually, it’s not only awesome, but also vital to elevate your digital presence. According to a multi-year research by McKinsey from 2016 to 2021, buyers spend significantly more time in digital self-serve channels before contacting venders, as shown below at the lower left corner in the chart. Did you notice that the over-10-point shift happened in merely 6 months from August 2020 to February 2021?  

Similar trends were observed in the previous research from 2016 to 2019 as well.

As a result, to stand out, win early and avoid being disqualified silently in procurement cycles due to underwhelming product images or texts, venders have to up the digital game. Are you ready to improve your online presence?

“But we are no LEXUS,” a voice in your head may raise a flag.

Got you! For small and medium-sized businesses, a full-scale stellar 3D configurator may look beyond your immediate reach. What are the quick steps towards agile, yet concrete results? In other words, where is the “easy” button to get started first?



A start-up furniture manufacturer in Italy, KINDOF, found its easy button. Within one month, the company created 2,000 photorealistic renderings for its online catalog, saving months of time and heavy costs of producing furniture prototypes just for photos. Please play with the live and sleek KINDOF online configurator to experience for yourself.


The hero that KINDOF employs behind the magic is Product Communicator. You can learn more about this exciting new product in this blog post.

Running purely in a browser similar to a web page, the Product Communicator role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is crafted with intuitive user experiences for everyone to render photorealistic images using an App inside called xStudio, and to create interactive visual instructions using another App, xHighlight. If you know SOLIDWORKS, you can pick them up in a breeze.

By the way, since it’s a browser-based role, leveraging the endless cloud-computing power, your rendering requests are submitted to a job queue, so that you can render a massive amount of images at scale in the background, without freezing up your interaction with the role itself.

Best of all, your sales, marketing, or any other coworkers can run Product Communicator on their own as well. Engineers and designers won’t be bothered each and every time when a lighter-colored image at a slightly different angle is needed. Everybody is self-sufficient and happy now. Why not?

As you may know, xStudio and xHighlight are also featured among the super heroes in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio.

How do you see your products being repurposed to boost your digital presence? What easy buttons are you looking for? Your thoughts are always highly appreciated. Also please connect with your resellers to learn more and see how Product Communicator can help with your online presence.

Oboe Wu

Product portfolio manager of SOLIDWORKS MBD, passionate about smart manufacturing opportunities, Keen listener to customer challenges, Sharp problem solver with 20 years of experiences in engineering, Sleepless father trying best to take care of a baby daughter.