Day Two Recap: 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022

Welcome to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 day two! Have you been following along with SOLIDWORKS Live? If not, join us tomorrow from 8:30AM ET- 4:30PM ET for more user interviews, tech discussion, and hear the latest from SOLIDWORKS experts. You can watch SOLIDWORKS Live on-demand here. You can also catch up on yesterday’s event news in this blog post.

Day two’s general session was all about technology. Florance Hu-Aubigny introduced an R&D team roundtable featuring experts in design, simulation, and collaboration. The R&D team was joined by 3DEXPEREINCE Works users NASKA robotics, Exovolar, and Smartflyer to discuss their experiences with connected SOLIDWORKS tools.

Dr. Tobias Brett of NASKA robotics discussed his team’s need to work remotely. Brower-based design solutions, such as those available in the SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer, enabled his team to collaborate from anywhere and streamline development with connected tools.

NASKA’s RockFarm robotic system mineralizes carbon dioxide to fight the effects of climate change. The robotic system builds rock walls, fills them with rock particles of less than 20 microns in size that absorb carbon dioxide, flushes the walls once the rock medium becomes saturated with carbon, and then refills the walls with fresh, carbon-absorbing rock powder. Learn more about NASKA here.

Exovolar Founder and CEO Guanhao Wu joined to share how his team used 3DEXPERIENCE Works to design and build a human-flight, jet-powered exoskeleton. His team’s goal: to provide people with the superhuman feeling of flight. Advanced 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation capabilities, featuring SIMULIA technology, enables Exovolar to take a simulation-driven approach to product development. The team uses simulation throughout its design process, including flow simulation on exhaust and topology optimization. Learn more about Exovolar here.

Smartflyer is creating an electric aircraft  that will be able to carry four passengers with a flight distance of more than 500 miles. CEO Rolf Stuber and designer Dan Drudst said that having connected product development through 3DEXPERIENCE Works unites the design team in the Czech Republic and their manufacturer in central Switzerland. Stuber elaborated on the importance 3DEXPERIENCE Works plays in streamlining Smartflyer’s design process, “the Smartflyer team is small and our design engineers can concentrate on their main function, design of this rather complex aircraft. With the 3DEXPERIENCE Works on the cloud, we do not need a separate IT team to care about updates, we don’t need to mirror or backup our data, need to care about data security. Our team can fully concentrate on their main task. It provides us the agility we need to design this aircraft.”

Next, host of SOLIDWORKS Live and Technical Marketing Director Brian Zias welcomed Bruce Bickford, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development, and Darrell Flagg, product development engineer at STARC Systems, Inc. to share their 3DEXPERIENCE Works story. STARC designs and manufactures innovative, reusable temporary containment systems that customers rely on to contain the dust, debris, and noise associated with renovation projects. Their work has been critical in pandemic response. Bickford is an OG SOLIDWORKS user with experience dating back to the first release in 1995. Per Bickford, the ability to scale with 3DEXPERIENCE Works will be a game changer for STARC. Flagg added the importance of cloud-based data management and SOLIDWORKS integration as critical factors in supporting massive growth over the last two years.

Industrial design took center stage during the next segment, featuring users and experts including Jesse Hahne & Marc McCauley from the Center for Advanced Design, Leigh Chrisie from Mistywest, and Jason Pohl. These design gurus have created everything from custom motorcycles and jet boards to polar bear trackers and universal translators. The panel shared their collective experiences and lessons learned over the years. This segment is worthy of a re-watch and don’t forget to get out there and be fearless. Learn more about the panelists by following the below links:

Center for Advanced Design user story:

Center for Advanced Design:


Jason Pohl:

Learn more about 3D Sculptor, a Sub-D modeling tool for SOLIDWORKS users:

Watch the video below to catch up on some of the highlights of day two at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022.


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