Day One Recap: 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022

While we are disappointed to not be face-to-face with all of you this year, the first day of the all-virtual 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 was still action-packed. Let’s take a look at what you might have missed during the first day.  In case you were not able to join us this morning, no worries!  You can always catch up on the action by watching the on-demand recording of today’s general sessions, which will be available on our YouTube channel as well as our the event site at 8 PM ET daily.

The theme of day one’s general session was “From Things to Sustainable Life | Strategy & Direction.”  Former SOLIDWORKS CEO (spoiler alert) Gian Paolo Bassi kicked things off by sharing our collective objective for this event: to share the technologies and trends that we believe will shape the future of engineering, the way we work, and what will help innovators all over the world invent and reinvent the things we need and want to live our lives. He also spoke of the SOLIDWORKS mission to lower the barrier of access to science and technology, so our users—both at large companies and small startups—can work to solve the big problems both we and future generations are facing.

Next up, Gian Paolo introduced Manish Kumar, who will be stepping into the role of SOLIDWORKS CEO. Gian Paolo explained that his new role at Dassault Systemes will be to lead the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio as executive vice president of 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

Exploring the Power of Imagination

Next up, Gian Paolo talked about the amazing network of tech incubators and catalysts located in and around Boston, such as The Engine, Greentown Labs, Forge, Mass Robotics, FabLabs, and our own 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. There are countless startups flourishing into successful ventures like Rise Robotics and Spark Charge, both of which got their start during the pitch competition at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020.

GP reminded us of a quote by Albert Einstein.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is always limited to what we know, but imagination does not have such constraint”

Imagination is the state between ideas and actions; if we can imagine together, collaboration and creativity will propel human progress even further. That is when true innovation happens, and at SOLIDWORKS we are passionate about innovation because we know that innovation helps solve big problems.

An amazing network of tech incubators and catalysts located in and around Boston, such as The Engine, Greentown Labs, Forge, Mass Robotics, FabLabs, and our own 3DEXPERIENCE Lab


Gian Paolo explained that this is why as a company we are putting all our focus on the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, because “we think it is the greatest Innovation Platform ever developed. You will learn over the next three days that these solutions deliver capabilities in not just design, but also manufacturing, simulation, data management, and others. After all there’s a lot more involved in product development than design.”

GP provided examples of customers who are taking advantage of solutions in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio to solve some very challenging problems. One such customer, Resemin, uses advanced cloud-based, multi-physics simulation tools to assure the safety, reliability, and durability of its underground drilling equipment. We also heard about SPARK, the winner of the hardware startup competition at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2018, and got an update on its portable electric vehicle charger.

We also heard about Impulse, a 25-year-old company based in China that specializes in fitness equipment with more than 230 patents. The company has adopted the DELMIA Works manufacturing ERP portfolio, which is a recent addition to the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform that helps solve many problems in the complex logistics of manufacturing and delivering products.

It was amazing to see so many examples where our product-to-platform transformation is helping solve complex problems beyond the state-of–the-art design capabilities. GP closed by saying, “It is imagination that fuels human progress, and it is our passion to help innovators bring the things they imagine into sustainable existence.”

Next up, Bernard Charles, Dassault Systèmes CEO and Vice Chairman, talked about factories of experience and spoke about how Virtual Twin technologies can help you rethink your products, processes and even business models to realize radically new sustainable innovation.

We also heard from Marc Lairet, CAD and Technical Manager, and Pierre Orefice, Founder and CEO of La Machine, a French production company that aims to reimagine urban development or “citizen experiences” by using technology. They discussed the importance of creating experiences for customers.

The day’s keynote speaker, Hakeem Oluseyi, an astrophysicist and former Space Science Education Lead for NASA, did not disappoint. He gave us all a great perspective on how he got his start, despite many hurdles, and the vital role of mentorship, especially for disadvantaged youth.  If you missed hearing this keynote, I urge you to listen to the on-demand recording, which will be available at 8 PM ET. Be ready to “geek” out (his words!) during this inspiring keynote.

Throughout each day, you can catch up on SOLIDWORKS Live, which will be running daily on our event platform as well as YouTube. After general session we went to Charlotte, NC, for a look at the live Shop Floor with Michael Buchli and Buddy Bump. There we got an in-depth look at some of the new DELMIA solutions in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio that will deliver efficiencies and automation to the manufacturing environment.


If you missed part one of the new documentary on SOLIDWORKS, which was shown in the afternoon on SOLIDWORKS Live, please watch the video below. Those of you who have been long-time SOLIDWORKS users will no doubt enjoy this look back at the very beginning of SOLIDWORKS from the perspective of many of the passionate employees who were there at the very start.

Watch the video below to catch up on some of the highlights of day one at 3DEXPERIENCE World.

Don’t miss day two of 3DEXPERIENCE World, which begins again tomorrow at 9 AM ET. Thank you to all of you who joined us today. Still haven’t registered? What are you waiting for? Click on the banner below to register so you can catch all the action the rest of the week.

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