What is 3D Motion Creator?

3D Motion Creator provides easy-to-use functionality for kinematic and dynamic analysis of any mechanism in a browser-based environment. Directly prepare a motion simulation for kinematic analysis based on existing 3D designs by selecting products, parts, or engineering connections (mates).

Working with a kinematics player, you can easily analyze the kinematic system behavior. Enhance the simulation with drivers, forces, torques, and 3D contacts or add dynamic modeling elements, such as a helical spring, to create a dynamic motion simulation. After running an analysis, you can review results with an animation or 2D plots.


Based on existing 3D design, a motion simulation can be generated in one click. The motion simulation is associative to the design, so design changes will have direct influence on the motion analysis. Here are several benefits of 3D Motion Creator:

  •         Reduce the time to generate motion simulations
  •         Motion simulation automatically updates when the design changes
  •         Validate that design is working as expected
  •         Streamline product development

Plus, because 3D Motion Creator is on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and keep everyone up to date—including managers and suppliers.


Discover Early-stage Issues

3D Motion Creator enables you to validate mechanical designs at an early, conceptual stage, preventing potential downstream design or manufacturing issues. Because 3D Motion Creator is so easy to use, you can rapidly evaluate what-if design scenarios and significantly increase efficiency in decision making—across the board—by directly evaluating design change impacts on mechanical system behavior. Plus, you can evaluate models from a variety of top CAD systems.

Work Together

As mentioned, you can collaborate on motion analysis results and share animation of kinematic or dynamic analysis with peers via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Even management can review motion studies without the need for specialized software—speeding the time to decision.

No powerful workstations are required. 3D Motion Creator works on any (mobile) device; the simulation runs on powerful servers in the cloud, not on your device or machine. Simply run the program from a web browser.

3D Motion Creator provides a browser-based, easy-to-use and lightweight experience dedicated to kinematic and dynamic mechanism analysis.

Learn More

3D Motion Creator provides engineers and designers with an intuitive, fully design embedded motion environment to quickly set up kinematic and dynamic motion analysis of complex mechanisms. Based on industry-proven, robust, and efficient solver technology, 3D Motion Creator offers the possibility to perform deep mechanical system analysis ranging from a quick assessment of kinematic behavior up to dynamic analysis including compliant motion elements.

If you have further questions about 3D Motion Creator or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, please contact your local reseller.


Michael PEREZ
Michael Perez is a Senior Product Manager with more than 15 years of experience in design and simulation software: SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and SIMULIA from Dassault Systems, in multiple industries such as industrial equipment, automotive and architecture, engineering and constructions industries. Michael is considered as a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform expert and is part of the SOLIDWORKS Product Management team, in charge of 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.