SOLIDWORKS 2022: Work Smarter and Faster—Together

To succeed in the face of unpredictable challenges, designers need the ability to work smarter and faster, which includes—more than ever—the ability to work together more efficiently, regardless of location.

SOLIDWORKS® 2022 builds upon prior innovations and improvements to maximize design speed and efficiency. Thanks to you, our customers, for sharing your opinions, advice, and thoughts about improving SOLIDWORKS. The newly implemented, user-driven enhancements help streamline and accelerate product development from concept to manufacturing. You can check out many of these new enhancements in the video below.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 features improved workflows and powerful enhancements in assembly and part design, drawing detailing, simulation, and product data management. You’ll discover the dozens of user interface enhancements to the shortcut bar, configuration management, geometric tolerancing and more. New features in parts, such as hybrid modeling and standardized external threads, make processes more efficient, comprehensive, and intuitive.


Designers can get more done in less time with an optimized product development process—one that allows the creation of better products in fewer steps—that lets designers freely conceptualize, iterate, and enhance designs. Combined with the powerful tools in 3DEXPERIENCE® Works and capabilities to collaborate from a common platform on the cloud, working together faster and more efficiently has never been easier.

Optimizing product development processes is seldom a strictly linear achievement. Efficient product development depends upon efficient collaboration—between teams, across borders and across all strata of the product development value chain. SOLIDWORKS 2022 maximizes the value of the connection to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to leverage its collaborative capabilities, accelerate innovation, and improve decision making.

Today’s changing technological landscape and competitive market environment mandate new levels of efficiency, accuracy, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the realm of product design. Designers can’t afford to work within siloed, sub-optimal environments that slow their progress or compromise their efficiency, and the need for barrier-free communication in the design-to-manufacturing process is absolutely critical.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 addresses these needs with enhancements expressly created to enable designers to work faster, work smarter, and work together. Watch the video below to learn more.


User-driven enhancements designed to speed workflows, expand access to usable data, and facilitate seamless collaboration add up to an optimized design environment that lets designers put their focus squarely upon innovation, producing high-performing designs that improve product quality while accelerating the product development process.

If you have more questions about SOLIDWORKS 2022 or 3DEXPERIENCE Works, contact your local reseller.

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