Manage CAD Data from Multiple Systems in a Single Product Development Environment

Most companies struggle to keep everyone on the same page—especially in product development. Sharing data across departments while simultaneously keeping it in sync is difficult and expensive in a singular CAD environment. Sharing data is even more complex in a company that has multiple CAD systems, which is becoming more and more common.

The Collaborative Designer roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enable you to manage product design data and documents in a cloud environment. Designs can be stored online, easily reused, and securely managed. Data cannot be lost or deleted by accident.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only accommodates your internal team’s project work but also allows key customers, suppliers, and managers secure access to the data they need. The Collaborative Designer enables users of multiple CAD applications to contribute directly to a single product structure, eliminating the need to independently manage and combine separate, partial product structures.

Working under a change action with Creo Parametric data.


New Collaborative Designer Roles

There are new roles that connect even more CAD users to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Companies that use Creo Parametric from PTC®, Inventor from Autodesk®, or Solid Edge from Siemens® can now manage and share their CAD data on the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform. These are in addition to the existing Collaborative Designer roles for SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA® V5, AutoCAD®, and DraftSight®.

The new Collaborative Designer roles provide direct integration from inside the CAD application, providing a seamless connection to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. All 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for design, simulation, manufacturing, and governance can leverage the data once it is on the platform. The role enables you to:

  •         Collaborate with all team members regardless of location
  •         Share designs and drawings via a browser-based application
  •         Work in the full 3D context of a multi-CAD product definition

Now you can maintain efficiencies even when product development resources reside in various locations.

People and Data in Sync

Using these new Collaborative Designer roles, design data becomes part of a full, model-based product definition, further enhancing designs using the multi-discipline portfolio of applications on the platform. This means one complete, holistic model serves all product development disciplines. These roles also support a rich set of 3DEXPERIENCE platform apps that maximize collaboration.

By connecting to the platform, designers can continue to work in their current CAD system while their design data becomes part of a unified product definition. The result is faster, more accurate product development. As designs change, the shared common data automatically updates so everyone across the enterprise remains in sync.

One Place for All

Collaboration is easier when the entire extended team is connected in a single environment. The platform enables spur-of-the-moment reviews of 3D models from any device, which helps speed turnaround times. Communications among team members are automatically tracked, so problems can be solved quickly.

Designs can be cleanly and efficiently handed off to colleagues or critical suppliers via the platform’s virtual product development environment.

Single Source of Truth

Advanced data management capabilities such as revision control, product maturity, permission management, and more are automatically enabled when you make design changes on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The platform provides the technology infrastructure to manage product design data and documents.

With all the data in the same place, everyone is up to date with access to a single source of truth. This helps teams avoid the risk of being out of sync on model revisions or assembly configurations.

Collaborative Designer enables you to securely manage and share CAD data and access it from any location with an internet connection. All stakeholders are instantaneously up to date and can see the latest status at any time and at their convenience.

Learn More

Are you ready tosimplify your communication workflow and improve productivity? All the platform apps needed for design and collaboration are available within your own CAD environment. This enables diverse computing environments, so multiple teams can work on a singular product definition in a concurrent, safe, and real-time computing ecosystem.

For more information on these new roles and the other CAD Collaborative Designer roles for SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, DraftSight, and AutoCAD, click here. If you have more questions about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or Collaborative Designer roles and would like to see a demo, please contact your local reseller.

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