Create Production-Ready Sheet Metal Designs with Powerful Browser-based Solution

Have you ever considered how many types of products contain sheet metal components? It is a vital component of electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, and more. Parts are designed in 3D but are typically produced or manufactured from a flat sheet. Therefore, the tie between 2D and 3D is critical to the design process.

The new 3D Sheet Metal Creator role offers a comprehensive toolset specific to sheet metal work. It offers the exact tools needed to complete your job without clutter in the user interface from unused features, so it’s extremely easy to learn.

Create press brake manufactured components, assemblies, and enclosures—large and small—with 3D Sheet Metal Creator on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Focused Look and Feel

The user experience is specifically designed and tailored for sheet metal designers to streamline the design process and eliminate the need to learn a comprehensive CAD system. Typical challenges you face every day are readily solved via easily accessed tools in the software’s work environment. User interface clutter is eliminated from unused features that do not pertain to your responsibilities as a sheet metal designer.

This targeted interface presents you with an intuitive and powerful style of modeling specific to sheet metal practices. The Action Bar (like the Command Bar in SOLIDWORKS), Context Menus, and Design Manager all have dependable built-in intelligence that suggests the best-fit commands for the operation you’re working on.

Single Modeling Environment

Never worry again about assembly structure constraints, so you can focus on what you do best: innovate.

The single modeling environment is streamlined to facilitate sheet metal enclosure design workflows. You can eliminate countless (and costly) hours of upfront assembly planning before beginning the design process. No more reordering, renaming, or restructuring assemblies that slow your process.

The single modeling environment in 3D Sheet Metal Creator facilitates flexibility and freedom every step of the way to enable you to quickly create and iterate innovative designs.

Design Assistant

You can streamline tedious and repetitive tasks by leveraging machine learning capabilities. Because artificial intelligence (AI) learns every time you use 3D Sheet Metal Creator, the next time you perform a similar task, Design Assistant makes a recommendation based on your previous actions.

The more you design in the 3D Sheet Metal Creator system, the “smarter” its recommendations, because it continually evolves and learns from the choices you make. For example, each selection you make while working on a design prompts the Design Assistant to suggest a range of other selections based on the size, shape, and orientation of the geometry.

If you agree with a suggestion, one click makes it happen. Each prediction and selection make the Design Assistant more intelligent and more relevant.

Cloud Benefits

The CAD industry is trending toward more lightweight, mobile, and collaborative solutions.

3D Sheet Metal Creator includes built-in data management and version control on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Collaboration via the cloud enables full visibility into the design process for your entire team, including nontechnical stakeholders.

All your data is stored in a centralized secured location, so no more worries about separate data management solutions. Also, cloud-based solutions don’t require installation or updates.

3D Sheet Metal Creator offers engineers a complete workflow to create production-ready sheet metal designs entirely from a web browser. It is designed specifically to streamline sheet metal processes. All the menus, dialogues, and commands are specific to your task at hand.

Interested? Request a 7-day free trial of 3D Sheet Metal Creator. If you have more questions about 3D Sheet Metal Creator, please contact your local reseller.

Chris Pagliarini

Chris Pagliarini

Chris Pagliarini is a Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS. Chris has been a dedicated SOLIDWORKS user for 8+ years with exposure in several areas from research, sheet metal design, Equipment packaging & enclosures, Model-based design, and aerospace & defense design. During his free time he enjoys exploring new technology, golfing, skiing, and fishing.