What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Manage

As many of you already know, SOLIDWORKS Manage is an easy-to-use solution for consolidating your project management, process management, and item management (BOMs) all within one application that is directly connected to SOLIDWORKS® design and SOLIDWORKS PDM file management environments.

In SOLIDWORKS 2020, we have added some significant enhancements to streamline your work. Below are just a few of my favorite improvements that will make it easier to keep track of important project emails, access your data, and display project-related data to all stakeholders.

Outlook Integration

New integration with Microsoft Outlook enables emails to be directly saved in a SOLIDWORKS Manage record. You can also create new records, such as cases, from the data in a message.

Let’s say you get an email from a customer that says, “Hey, we need to make a particular change on this part.” SOLIDWORKS Manage allows you to attach that email to the SOLIDWORKS part. This email can also become a handy audit trail if the customer were to come back (not that this would ever happen) and say, “We never ordered that change.” Boom. The email is already right there attached to the part—no more mad searches for important emails.

You can also create new records from email. So, let’s say you got an email from a customer as a request for quote. You could automatically leverage the data in the email and turn it into a case or a process for a request for quote. The new integration with Outlook makes it easy to tie all important email data directly into SOLIDWORKS Manage.

 Plenary Web Client

When you want more in-depth access remotely, the Plenary Web client can now interact with file data in SOLIDWORKS PDM. From your web browser, you can check-in, check out, and send SOLIDWORKS PDM data to processes with outputs that act on SOLIDWORKS PDM files.

For remote users that need more of the capabilities found in the desktop client as well as the look and feel of the desktop client, the new Plenary Web Client is a great solution. The ease of access to your SOLIDWORKS PDM data from any location makes it easier for all stakeholders to stay in sync with the entire team.

Dashboard Viewer

The Dashboard Viewer is a stand-alone application that interacts with SOLIDWORKS Manage dashboards and can display any dashboard created in SOLIDWORKS Manage. Dashboard Viewer makes it easy to provide relevant information to all project stakeholders in an easily accessible and up-to-date format.

One possible use of the Dashboard Viewer might include displaying on-time project delivery or on-time engineering change notices on a larger monitor in a common area of the engineering department. The software allows you to set up update intervals, which automatically refresh the status every 10 minutes, to provide real-time updates. The Viewer can render in full-screen mode as well for greater visibility.

As your company grows, so does your data and its complexity. SOLIDWORKS Manage helps you collect and organize all your data within a defined process.

Feel free to make comments below or check out all the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Manage in the What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2020 document.


Kurt Lundstedt

Kurt Lundstedt

Kurt is a Product Portfolio Manager for PDM Solutions at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS.
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