New eDrawings Website is Live

We’ve been tinkering in our mad scientist lab and finally ready to unveil the brand new eDrawings website! It’s now much easier to explore all the eDrawings products and learn about the direct benefits to using our solutions in your daily workflow.

Besides the new look and feel, we’ve added two new website “tabs” for you to see real-world use cases of how customers use eDrawings to improve communication, simplify their manufacturing and erase costly delays. These new sections are called “View” and “Share.”

In addition to the PC Desktop version, were you aware that eDrawings also has a native Mac version and mobile apps for both iOS and Android? Explore the Products page to see how you can make important decisions and communicate on-the-go using the device of your choice. That’s the true power of eDrawings.

There’s also a dedicated Test Drive page, letting you experience eDrawings without any barriers.

Start your eDrawings journey today and don’t forget to download a free license of eDrawings Desktop!

eDrawings new website

eDrawings Desktop free download

Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner

Brian Hillner is the Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly Bunkspeed) and is excited to bring 3D visualization to the masses. His unique blend of design, photography and digital painting helps him craft the future of visualization for SOLIDWORKS products. Prior to SOLIDWORKS, Brian led all content creation at Bunkspeed, designed cars and playsets for Hot Wheels & Matchbox, sport boats for Sea Ray Boats and kitchen appliances for General Electric.
Brian Hillner

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