Integrated Technologies Excels by Switching to SOLIDWORKS and Integrating SOLIDWORKS Composer

Still thinking about making that switch from your current CAD software to SOLIDWORKS?  It’s time to stop thinking and instead listen to how Integrated Technologies Ltd. switched from Pro/ENGINEER® 3D design to SOLIDWORKS and never looked back.  Let’s take a look at its story.

Integrated Technologies Ltd. (ITL) is an award-winning medical device design, development, and manufacturing partner to companies that produce life-saving medical technologies, diagnostic devices, and analytical instruments.

In 2006, ITL Group replaced the Pro/ENGINEER® 3D design system that it had utilized. According to Mechanical Design Engineer, Dan Hollands, “We moved away from Pro/ENGINEER because the solution had become more expensive, with mandatory upgrades and service plan. There were also regular changes to the user interface, which necessitated more user training and cost, as well as the software continually requiring more expensive hardware.”

ITL Group chose to standardize on SOLIDWORKS software because of the software’s superior cost-versus-performance ratio.  After years of success with SOLIDWORKS, with the advice of its Value Added Reseller, Solid Solutions, ITL decided to implement SOLIDWORKS Composer in order to help automate the development of manufacturing and assembly instructions. After implementing SOLIDWORKS Composer (link), ITL realized significant cost and time savings.

Holland says, “We’ve seen a significant time reduction of 60 percent using SOLIDWORKS Composer to create these instructions. In addition to cutting paper and printing costs, we’re saving roughly £100 (US$130) on each production run by eliminating the need for antistatic measures—such as antistatic wallets and folders—which are required when referring to paper instructions when assembling electronic components. We’ve used the savings to purchase Windows tablets for viewing manufacturing instructions by our production personnel. We now can view the instructions on any platform that can view HTML files, including tablets and smartphones, and the cost savings of the new system paid for the tablets within the first year.”

Because SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS CAD software are integrated, ITL’s Production Engineering Department can prepare manufacturing instructions concurrently with the Research & Development Department’s design work.  The company no longer needs to wait for prototypes to create instructions.

To learn more about Integrated Technologies Ltd. and how it not only switched its CAD system from Pro/ENGINEER®, but also seamlessly integrated its SOLIDWORKS software with SOLIDWORKS Composer, Click Here.

Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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