Talking Topology with Tarso Marques

The new Topology Study was launched, to the delight of many users with SOLIDWORKS 2018 and although it’s only been on the market for a few months, it is built upon tried and trusted technology from SIMULIA and many companies have been quick to take advantage of it.

The topology study, part of Simulation Professional 2018, enables designers and engineers to refine components for minimum mass while maintaining the required level of stiffness (maximum displacement). The study applies linear static loads and constraints to a problem and, during an iterative solution, successive mesh elements are ignored until the last iteration when the mesh has the required stiffness with the least mass.

The results of this process tend to be very organic in nature, leading many to believe that the results of this require additive manufacturing to take advantage of this study, but this isn’t the case. The topology results can be used to guide parametric features and manufacturing processes with SOLIDWORKS CAM.

At this year’s SOLIDWORKS World I had the opportunity to talk with Tarso Marques, who together with his team are embracing this technology. ( Tarso designs are very unique, a mixture of elegance and power, all realized with SOLIDWORKS. Tarso explained that design is a very personal expression of your vision. however, being able to communicate that vision was an issue early as he made his transition from driver to custom car designer. He admits that when he first started designing, his initial sketches were not great, which made explaining his ideas difficult and clay modeling was too time-consuming. That is when SOLIDWORKS, as Tarso put it, “changed my life.”

Taso believes that the new topology study will help him create a perfect balance between the aesthetics and performance of component on his vehicles. The shape generated from the topology process can be used as an inspiration for traditional manufacture or for additive manufacture. Topology isn’t just about design and simulation it is a transformational technology that will change the way Tarso designs and builds in the future. To Tarso, topology is “truly transformational” and it will change the way he designs and manufactures ‘100%” as it results in stronger, light parts that deliver high-end performance.

In vehicle design managing the vibrational behavior is key for longevity and driveability, and as such Tarso was pleased to see that in that the SOLIDWORKS 2019 sneak peek the team showed the addition of new constraints and goals for vibration and stress. In Tarso’s own words “This makes me very happy.”

After spending some time with Tarso I now belive he is a designer that learn to drive fast rather than a fast driver who now designs. He is always thinking looking for possibilities and new solutions and he uses SOLIDWORKS to quickly and easily communicate his vision to the whole team.  With the advent of topology in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Tarso can now explore new solutions to refine his designs to explore new shapes and manufacturing processes all the while confident that they are fit for purpose.

What can topology do for you? Click here to learn more about topology and the new Simulation solutions available in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

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