Xometry Provides Expert Comparison of Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing at SWW18

CNC machining and 3D printing have their own unique histories, with pros and cons to each. The recent rise of Additive Manufacturing has ushered in a new era of powerful technology, rapid prototyping, and functional end-use parts. Engineers, product designers, and procurement officers used to request quotes manually for their custom part needs, which was a difficult and time-consuming process. It took days to send out and then wait for, not counting the back and forth feedback that could follow.

Now, instant quoting has revolutionized the industry. Xometry, the leading online marketplace for custom manufactured parts, has created an instant quoting platform that can quickly provide prices and manufacturability feedback for your parts for a variety of both additive and subtractive processes. And, once both additive and subtractive processes are optimized, how should you decide which manufacturing process is ideal for your parts?

The best way to learn more about the benefits of additive vs subtractive manufacturing is to attend the third session of the Additive Manufacturing Symposium at SOLIDWORKS World 2018: Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing and Subtractive for Additive. Join Xometry’s Director of Applications Engineering, Greg Paulsen, as he answers this crucial question before you design your next custom part.

His session will discuss how both additive and subtractive methods can create precise parts, but have different benefits and considerations to keep in mind. Depending on the shape and ultimate application of your part, this decision could have a substantial effect on your part’s price, structure, and lead time. Learn from Greg Paulsen which method you should choose using his key takeaways and learnings about the latest developments in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Visit Xometry at SOLIDWORKS World Partner Pavilion

Xometry booth #223 will feature manufacturability feedback and demos of its revolutionary instant quoting platform. Xometry uses a machine learning algorithm from a proprietary software platform to enable product designers and engineers instant access to the capacity of a nationwide network of manufacturing facilities.

Learn directly from Xometry team members how to eliminate excess lead time and price from your parts, and see its instant quoting in action for yourself!

The Xometry team values SOLIDWORKS users and understands the convenience of having one integrated workspace. They’ll also be explaining how to use and download the Xometry Instant Quoting Add-In for SOLIDWORKS, which provides instant quoting and ordering directly within one integrated CAD workspace. You can price, adjust, and order your custom parts all without having to leave SOLIDWORKS! Xometry’s latest update is compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2018 and all of its updated features and capabilities.

Stop by booth 223 to pick up manufacturing toolkits, customer stories, and SLS Xometry/SOLIDWORKS-branded spinners! Xometry will also be holding a raffle for the chance to win $500 in parts – be sure to drop by and enter!

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