Learn How to Manage Your Files within SOLIDWORKS with New eCourse

The SOLIDWORKS File Management eCourse is now available at MySolidWorks. The File Management eCourse teaches you how to manage files within SOLIDWORKS. The eCourse includes explanations of the SOLIDWORKS file structure, file references, saving files, and file associativity. This eCourse is a perfect companion to SOLIDWORKS Essentials training and is a prerequisite for any SOLIDWORKS PDM training.

You might be wondering what separates a SOLIDWORKS eCourse from other eLearning options. SOLIDWORKS eCourses include:

  •          The complete course in a self-paced eLearning format
  •          Background information and key concepts
  •          Subject-matter expert videos and demonstrations
  •          Interactive simulations that allow you to make the picks and clicks yourself
  •          Offline exercises that allow independent study and further practice

SOLIDWORKS eCourses are hosted on MySolidWorks and are available for purchase from your SOLIDWORKS reseller as a three-month subscription.

For more information about the SOLIDWORKS eCourses and other training options, visit https://my.solidworks.com/training. To sign up for a SOLIDWORKS eCourse, please contact your reseller.

Joe Rousseau

Joe Rousseau

Joe is a Senior Training Manager, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS