Hardware Startup Myomo Partners with SOLIDWORKS for Success

It’s hard to believe the relationship between SOLIDWORKS and Myomo began just one year ago…and what a busy year it has been.  OK, yes, the partnership between us has been in place for many years now and on many fronts. From Myomo’s deep roots in education and research at MIT, its commitment to mentoring programs like First Robotics teams at local high schools, to its commercial use of SOLIDWORKS products in the design process, Myomo has had numerous connections to the SOLIDWORKS community.
The next step in the relationship began March 2nd, 2016.

Andrew Harlan was invited to present at the SOLIDWORKS Q1 Company Meeting in Waltham and share the Myomo story. His presentation and product demonstration on the Myomo Orthosis device was both moving and compelling to the entire audience. Stories like these are an inspiration, the “emotional paycheck” that drives many SOLIDWORKS employees.

The SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch was my first as Director of Product Introduction. For the 2017 Launch, our goal was to showcase a customer design that highlights ALL of the new functionality and workflows, while telling their story from design through manufacturing. The Myomo Orthosis was a perfect fit and gave the opportunity to showcase every product in the SOLIDWORKS Portfolio.

Working with Andrew to understand the design, engineering, manufacturing and use of the model, the Product Introduction Team had no problem removing proprietary details and data to protect Myomo’s IP and creating a version of the design that highlights the new SOLIDWORKS functionality. The team was also able to create a number of items to share with Myomo that helped its design and marketing teams.

What happened next is the magic that is SOLIDWORKS Product Introduction. SOLIDWORKS customers appreciate seeing new functionality shown in real-world production models and workflows. By digging through the Myomo model in detail, we can find places to showcase the new functionality and how it would be applied. Taking all these examples, the team produces videos, images, and product demonstrations to support the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017. This year we took things a step further. Not only did we partner with Myomo to use its dataset for launch, we also used their story both in a case study and live at the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Event.

To date, over 2,000 application engineers in the SOLIDWORKS Reseller Channel have learned about 2017 functionality through the Myomo dataset. Even better, over 50,000 SOLIDWORKS users around the world have seen SOLIDWORKS 2017 presented with the Myomo dataset and have been inspired by its story.

If you find yourself inspired by the Myomo story, learn more about how you can be involved.
If you’re inspired to create your own story, the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program is a proven way to get started.

If you simply want to share your story like Myomo, we would love to hear from you.

Kurt Anliker

Kurt Anliker

Kurt is the Director of Product Introduction at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS
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