Promoting Your Company with the Help of SOLIDWORKS

One thing that separates SOLIDWORKS from other 3D design vendors is our passionate community. We know we are successful because of you. The most effective way to promote the SOLIDWORKS brand, our products and our services is to show how our customers are using our products successfully in real-life situations. This can be in the form of customer product images, case studies, testimonials, or product demonstrations based around customer data sets.

Sharing your product development story with SOLIDWORKS is a great way to promote your business/product, while helping the SOLIDWORKS brand. The benefit to SOLIDWORKS is the association with world-class companies. The benefit to you is an increase your own brand awareness and benefit from free marketing of your products. Any deliverables we create, such as images, videos, animations, or product demonstration material, will be made available for you to showcase on your website, in your trade-show booth, and to your customers.


There are several ways that we can tell our shared story:

  • Written case studies
  • Featured images in collateral and at SOLIDWORKS World events
  • SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonials on our Blog
  • Models used in product demonstrations, such as SOLIDWORKS Launch
  • Splash screen for SOLIDWORKS software
  • Video testimonials or SOLIDWORKS Born to Design

The first step is expressing your interest and spending some time with us to outline your story. We would like to learn the reasons why you chose SOLIDWORKS, how you are using the software, and what benefits you have received. You can start by filling out at form here.

Once we decide how to best tell your story, we will work very closely with you to minimize the time commitment on your end, and to make sure we have the story right. You will have full oversight over the content we use (we will work with you to protect proprietary information) and will provide final approval.

The typical case study requires:

  • Approval from your legal team
  • About an hour for a telephone interview
  • Supporting images, models, and/or other content
  • 3D CAD models work the best to showcase your products
  • Review, mark up, and approval of the layout and text

In exchange, we will supply the following to you:

  • High-resolution photorealistic images
  • Testimonial posted on
  • Potential blog post and promotion via industry trade media

These marketing initiatives have proven to be very successful for both SOLIDWORKS and the customers who have participated. With minimum time requirements – and no cost to you – you can dramatically increase your brand recognition across a broad spectrum of potential future customers, employees, partners, value-added resellers, and media.

sw2016_premium_cover.jpgHere’s how Knapheide Manufacturing Company benefited:

“We have had a lot of success with our partnership with SOLIDWORKS. Being featured in a SOLIDWORKS case study and video gave us more legitimacy in our conversations with customers and visibility in the SOLIDWORKS community. We leveraged the videos in conversations with potential customers to showcase our engineering prowess, advanced development technique and commitment to design. The content also helps us network with peers, suppliers and other engineers in the SOLIDWORKS user community. We have made many new contacts and it has been great to get to know people who do the same thing we do every day. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about what SOLIDWORKS has to offer and connect on our use of the software.”


Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Senior Manager Brand Offer Marketing, SolidWorks at Dassault Systemes
Senior Brand Offer Marketing Manager, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks. PR flack turned marketer, tech geek and football fan.
Kristen Wilson