Technology Preview: SOLIDWORKS 2021

One of the longstanding traditions at WORLD is to deliver a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW to show off some of the new functionality that is under development for SOLIDWORKS Desktop products.  For 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020, we brought the preview directly to the users in targeted breakout sessions.  These “POP-UP” presentations let us showcase the new functionality directly to the people who would use it the most.  For those who were not in the breakout sessions, don’t worry!  Each session was recorded and is available for you to watch on SOLIDWORKS LIVE.

While we openly share this content as a reminder, this is a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW and features / functionality are always changing until fully vetted and not guaranteed to be in the next release.



Edge Flange features are now supported on non-planar tangent edges of an existing base, swept, or edge flange.


This existing functionality is extended to include the ability to save the simplified assembly as a derived configuration in the existing assembly.


Appearances in SOLIDWORKS 2021 will now include a Color Picker tool allowing users to select the appearance they need from any other application.  Once selected, the appearance properties and model update immediately.


More accurate results when using incompatible Mesh for bonded contact due to variations in meshing of non-planar contact.


Blended Curvature-Based Mesh improvements result in faster meshing without sacrificing results accuracy.


Improvements to Detailing Mode make it possible to edit legacy dimensions in addition to newly created dimensions.  Detail, Break, and Crop Views can also now be created, modified, moved, and have dimension and annotations added.  Finally, Hole Callouts are now available for both hole wizard holes and extruded cuts.








Kurt Anliker

Kurt Anliker

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