Explore How SOLIDWORKS Solutions Saved CoaX Helicopters Years in Development Time

How badly do you want to ride that helicopter right now?  To me, it looks like one of those old school video games where you’re saving the world, extinguishing one fire at a time. This is definitely not a video game. CoaX Helicopters is revolutionizing coaxial rotor helicopter technology and commercializing these safer, faster, and more cost effective helicopters.  Let’s take a deeper dive into their story.

CoaX Helicopters Ltd. is an Australian company that is commercializing the use of coaxial rotor helicopter technology for use in manned and unmanned applications.  Previously, Coaxial rotor helicopters were only used by the military, but now with CoaX expanding the technology into commercial industry the uses can range from fire safety to drone delivery.  CoaX Helicopters acquired the rights to the Gyrodyne technology and quickly started creating prototypes for commercial use, revolutionizing the helicopter industry by providing safer, more economical, and more powerful machines capable of carrying heavier loads.

When acquiring new companies or technologies, full implementation into your existing business model is always a challenge. CoaX Helicopters faced these same challenges when they acquired the new technology from Gyrodyne which included the original 2D drawings.  They knew they needed to find a design platform to optimize the existing technology for commercial use and transform these 2D designs into a 3D platform.  CoaX Helicopters chose to standardize on SOLIDWORKS Premium because it’s easy to use, supports fast, frequent design changes, and provides integrated simulation capabilities. They also chose SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication software to easily demonstrate the technology to prospective customers and investors, as well as prepare its manned and unmanned helicopter designs for manufacturing and assembly.

According to Managing Director Peter Batten, “SOLIDWORKS saved our team of five engineers years in development time. Frankly, we couldn’t do what we’re doing with the body, and utilize the number of available parts this quickly, without SOLIDWORKS.”

To find out more about CoaX Helicopters and how they capitalized on this technology to create safer and faster helicopters, Click Here!

Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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