Vitility Scoops ECRM Award after SOLIDWORKS Debut

What happens when you implement SOLIDWORKS for the first time? Ask Dutch product designers Vitility. After mixing medication with innovation to create the Smart Pill Box, the business has scooped ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the ECRM Awards and been named one of the top 100 most innovative businesses in the Netherlands.

Feeding the cat.

Putting the note out for the milkman.

Locking the garage.

Life is full of little chores – and it’s not always easy to keep up. But, forgetting to take your medication can have consequences beyond a peckish puss and dry cereal. Here to make sure patients remember their pills and avert medical complications is the Smart Pill Box.

Not only does this box make it easy to store different types of medication, it’s linked to an app that alerts patients via their mobile devices when it’s time to take their pills. The Smart Pill Box also monitors pill consumption and prompts patients when they need to renew prescriptions.

A debut design in SOLIDWORKS

The Smart Pill Box was produced by Vitility, a Dutch product design business with a growing reputation for innovation. Yet this was its first project completed in SOLIDWORKS. Did the lack of familiarity with SOLIDWORKS muddy the waters? No. Instead, it brought added clarity to the design process and slashed development time.

For example, while the initial idea was for the box to be made out of one complete piece, it soon became clear that this would be difficult in production. Designing in SOLIDWORKS meant Vitility’s designers could quickly model the box’s lid, hinge and main container as separate components to be assembled post-production. Ultimately, this made the Smart Pill Box cheaper, easier and faster to produce.

What next for Vitility?

Switching to SOLIDWORKS has helped spur the collection of ‘Most Innovative Product’ at the ECRM Awards, not to mention a place in the top 100 most innovative businesses in the Netherlands. It’s no surprise Vitility is embracing the software, with another 18 products in the design pipeline.

For Vitility, SOLIDWORKS is the perfect tonic.

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